Abuse Intervention Services

The Partner Abuse Intervention Program is for offending individuals that have been court-ordered, agency-referred, or those who want to participate voluntarily. For questions and more information, please call  815.756.5054.

Para hablar con alguien en español, llame a 815.766.1731.

Partner Abuse Intervention Program

This weekly psycho-educational group assists perpetrators of domestic violence in recognizing and understanding attitudes and behaviors that lead to violence against intimate partners.

We believe an important element of our commitment to the safety of domestic violence victims and their children is our focus on abuse intervention and prevention. By working with men and women who have admitted to abusive behaviors, we shift the focus from what victims can do to stay safe to what we all can do to promote healthy, respectful, nonviolent relationships. If you are concerned about violent behaviors in yourself or someone you care about, contact our Abuse Intervention Services program to learn about the services we offer at 815-756-5054.

Para hablar con alguien en español, llame a 815.766.1731.

Basic Information
  • The Partner Abuse Intervention Program is a 26 week course.
  • There is a $125 one time assessment fee.
  • Weekly fees are on a sliding scale and are dependent upon your income, or unemployment.
  • 5 different group times are available each week. To view the current group schedule, click here.
  • Spanish speaking groups are available based on available clientele. Please call  815.766.1731 to learn more. (Para hablar con alguien en español, llame a 815.766.1731).
  • To learn more about the Partner Abuse Intervention Program, click here.
To request a PAIP assessment, click here.

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